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Canada – At a Glance

Largest City:Toronto
Major Cities:Montreal
National Language:English, French
Ethnic Group:European
Area (KM):9,984,670
Population (Million):37m
Density (Per KM):4
GDP (Billion Doller):1,971 trillion
Currency:Canadian Dollar
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):(-3.5 to -8)

Study in Canada From Bangladesh. Among the five major English-speaking countries in the world, Canada is known for its diversity, welcoming nature, and government transparency. Making it the most demanded place for international student who wish to continue or finish their higher education and boast a successful career right out of the campus. Its relax immigration policy also means students wishing to work or stay after finishing their study will have much better time in Canada than USA or UK.

About Canada

study in Canada from Bangladesh

Canada situated in the most northern part of North America with its ten province and three territory. With 37 million people and a total are of 9.8 million square kilometers it is the second largest country in the world. Canada also share the largest land border with USA. Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

Long before the European settler colonize in Canada it was inhabited by local indigenous people. However the early settler was involve in a major conflict especially between French and British. 

Canada is parliamentary democracy. It is one of highest ranked in international measurements of government transparency, quality of life, civil liberties, education, and economic. Due to large scale immigration it is also most ethnically diverse and multicultural nation. It is a developed country with very high GDP. Canada is member many important international organization including UN, NATO, G7, G20 and many more.

Top Reason to Live in Canada

It is a Welcoming Country: More than 250,000 new permanent residents come to Canada country each year. Canada’s government invests millions of dollars every year to help these newcomers settle into their new lives in Canada, and to ensure that all newcomers can benefit from the high quality of life.

It is Very Safe Place to live: Canada is not only a great place to work, but it’s also a great place to raise a family, with safe and secure communities. Canada’s crime rates are so low that the OECD Better Life Index 2014 ranked Canada 9.7 out of 10 for safety.

Best Place for Education: Canada spends more on education than any industrialized nation.

Best Place for Immigrant: Canada is also listed by the OECD as the number one world leader when it comes to acceptance and tolerance of minorities.

Job Opportunity: Canada has a strong and stable economy, with lots of opportunities for skilled workers.

Strong Economy: Canada is expected to be among the strongest growing economies in the G-7 over this year and next.

Best Place to Run a Business: Canada is ranked by Bloomberg as the second-best place in the world for doing business.

Best Banks in the World: Canada has the most stable banking system in the world – for the seventh consecutive year – according to the World Economic Forum.

High Standard of Living: Canada has the second highest standard of living in the G-20, as measured by GDP per capita.

Low Cost of Living: Canada has a low annual inflation rate, which means you and your family can benefit from reasonable cost of living.

Education system In Canada

The education system in Canada is monitored by the federal and local governments. Both public and private education systems are here in Canada. The education system is divided into three different levels which are primary, secondary and post-secondary.

The primary education is known as elementary school, which level runs from Grade 1 to Grade 8. The secondary education which is also known as high school, that level runs from Grade 9 to Grade 12. And last of all the post-secondary education. Canada has the best universities and colleges to study in. Study in Canada is one of the best choices for the students.

The education quality of Canada is one of the best across the globe. That is why international students are keen to study in Canada. The two official languages of Canada are English and French. So the students can study easily. As the main official language is English. So the international students target Canada for higher study.

Why Study In Canada

Canada is the best place in the world to live

Ranked by the United Nations as the best place in the world to live, Canada offers abundant education opportunities and a high quality of life. From a low incidence of violent crime and a comfortable population density, Canada provides international students with a safe, happy environment in which to get a college degree.

Canada’s education system ranks among the best in the world

Even better, tuition fees in Canada are some of the lowest in all the English-speaking countries.

Canada boasts a multicultural society

Representing almost all the world’s ethnic groups, Canada welcomes everyone. Ethnic foods and activities are plenty in Canada, and internationals students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisors to find out more about joining any number of ethnic clubs and associations.

Canada offers an excellent language education

Canada is a bilingual country; both English and French is spoken throughout the country. Teaching these languages is an important part of the Canadian education program, so you will be able to improve your fluency as you continue your studies.

Canada offers internationally recognized degrees

With a wide range of quality programs for both degrees and diplomas in technical and professional careers, Canada provides over 106,000 international students each year with quality education in its many colleges and universities. Meeting people from all over the world, and from your own country, is easy.

International students can work in Canada after graduation

Students from other countries who graduate from a Canadian college or university can work in Canada for up to one year after receiving their degree. During their studies, international students can work on campus without a work permit.

Canada offers innovative and abundant research opportunities

Integral to the Canadian education system, international students can take advantage of many opportunities to become part of furthering research in telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology and environmental science.

Canada is known for its healthy and safe communities

International students enjoy the same freedoms as native Canadians – respect for human rights, equality and a stable and peaceful society.

Canada experiences all four seasons

For international students who have never experienced all four seasons before, this is one of the most alluring reasons to attend college in Canada. Canada’s big city atmosphere and naturally preserved park systems offer something for everyone, including indoor and outdoor recreational activities at low or no cost.

Immigration Possibilities

International students have the possibility of immigration to Canada after graduation. International students who have Canadian credentials and work experience can apply for permanent residency without having to leave Canada when their schooling is complete.

Requirement To Study In Canada

If any student is interested to study in Canada, they need to fulfill some requirements. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are popular in Canada. Most of the institutions in Canada ask for a minimum mark of 60% for direct entrance to both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

For lack of the above-mentioned marks, Canadian institutions are offering international students to study in Diploma/ certificate programs/ Postgraduate Diploma. Most of the institutions want 6.5 in IELTS.

A very few institutions want 6 and 5.5 in IELTS for direct entrance. ESL/EAP programs are also very popular in Canada.

Scholarships In Canada

The Canadian government offers scholarships to study in Canada. So international students can apply and study in Canada. Canada provides scholarships for international students in Canada. If you are an international student, the scholarships are always available. The scholarship is both for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The students who have completed the graduation, they can apply for master’s scholarships in Canada. Students from Bangladesh choose Canada to study because of the best quality. If they get the scholarship, the study cost in Canada gets lesser.

Many students study in Canada from Bangladesh with a scholarship. The students can apply for Ph.D. programs. If the students have an excellent academic result, they can apply for Ph.D. scholarships in Canada.

Final words

In conclusion with the top rated study opportunity, job replacement and migration opportunity Canada make number one spot for any prospective student for their higher education study destination. It is a country immigrant never fell an outsider because even the local knows the fact that this country was built by immigrant. And with that attitude everyone is welcome to study, live or stay if they wish to.

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