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Study In <strong>Lithuania</strong>

Study In Lithuania

Lithuania – At a Glance

Largest City:Vilinus
Major Cities:Kaunas
National Language:Lithuanian
Ethnic Group:Lithuanians
Area (KM):65300
Population (Million):2.7 m
Density (Per KM):111
GDP (Billion Doller):56 billion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):2

About Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic region countries in northern Europe. It has a land border with Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Kaliningrad. It has a land area of about 65,000 km2 and a population of 2.8 million. Vilnius is the largest city and the capital of Lithuania and official language is Lithuanian.

Lithuania is a developed country with high economic growth and high living standard. People in Lithuania enjoy civil liberty, press freedom, internet freedom, and peacefulness. Lithuania is member of EU and Schengen country. Lithuania has a highly diverse population with a friendly community.

Living in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the top-rated living destinations in Europe. Visiting as a tourist or staying for Study Lithuania is an increasingly popular destination among people all over the world.

  • It’s a very safe place to live
  • The food is delicious
  • The cost of living is very reasonable
  • The nature is beautiful
  • There are no natural disasters
  • The friends you make will stay with you for life
  • The flora and fauna are harmless
  • The education is free
  • It is quiet in Lithuania

Education System of Lithuania

Lithuania offers higher education in an extremely efficient and well-recognized university for foreigners. There are about 350 study programs offered by a variety of Lithuanian universities.

Courses are taught in English so that foreign students can easily focus on their studies. University offers degrees in all major subjects in undergraduate, postgraduate or Ph.D. levels.

Why Study in Lithuania

  • High-Quality Education with Wide Choices
  • Economical Country
  • Friendly and Welcoming Environment and People
  • Learn the Language
  • Unique and Rich Heritage and Culture
  • Great Learning Environment
  • Internationally Recognized Qualifications
  • Accommodation Easy Availability
  • Many Scholarship Programmes

The Requirement to Study in Lithuania

If any student is interested to study in Lithuania, they need to fulfill some requirements. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are popular in Lithuania. Most of the institutions in Lithuania ask for a minimum mark of 60% for direct entrance to both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

For lack of the above-mentioned marks, Lithuania institutions are offering international students to study in Diploma/ certificate programs/ Postgraduate Diploma. Most of the institutions want 6.5 in IELTS. A very few institutions want 6 and 5.5 in IELTS for direct entrance.

Scholarship in Lithuania

The Education and Science Ministry offer scholarships at the Lithuanian University. A student who wishes to study Lithuanian University the Education Exchanges Support Foundation offer many scholarship programs.

Lithuanian higher education institution also offers scholarships to the student. The aim is to fund more students so Lithuania can get more international students.

Why Lithuania is good for Bangladeshi Students

Lithuania is a wonderful place for Bangladeshi students to study. Low cost of living, low tuition fees, more relaxed immigration, and part or full-time work opportunity makes Lithuania one of the most attractive destinations for Bangladeshi student for study.