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Study In<strong> Schengen Zone</strong>

Study In Schengen Zone

Schengen Zone – At a Glance

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Schengen Area

Schengen Area is combination of 26 European country with one single border, with no travel restriction, and a single visa policy. The real purpose of Schengen Agreement is people can travel within these country as less obstruction as possible. It was signed at Schengen, Luxembourg at 1985.

There are about 26 country at this moment within this agreement. Most of these country are part of EU but not all EU country are include in Schengen like Ireland. However, there are countries in the Schengen area who is not member of EU like Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

The total area of Schengen zone is 4.3 million square kilometers and over 420 million people live in there. According to some record about 1.7 million people travel across European border every for work or other purpose. 

Country Include in Schengen Area

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • The Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland- Non EU
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein- Non EU
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway- Non EU
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland- Non EU

What is the Benefit of Living in Schengen Area

Easy to Move

No visa requirement mean easy to move as long as anyone has a resident permit of any Schengen country.

Less time wasted in the border

No border check mean people don’t have to que up for hours or checking and getting through country. It’s very convenient for people travel regularly. 

Best Countries in The world

Most of the country in the Schengen are some of the richest and developed country in the world. One can be sure to have a much better life living in any of the Schengen country.

Easy to find Job

Most of the Schengen country have very high employment rate so one can be sure to get a high paying job easily.

Better Education

Most of the Schengen countries have some of the world top rated university. So if any student want to live and study in any of the Schengen country they will have no problem finding a suitable university or courses to have highly prestigious degree from a European country.

Best Health Care

Be sure that European care for their health the most. And all the Schengen country have world finest health care. It includes hospitals, better doctor, better health insurance as well as better emergency medical service. Some of the country’s medical service is free for all residence. 

Best Holyday Destination

All Schengen country has some world best holiday destination in the world. With not visa requirement and cheap to travel it is the ideal place to live.

Learn Different Culture

Most of the Schengen country has unique culture. From their language to music, movies, fashion even social attitude. It is a great privilege to live and learn foreign culture while living among them.

Great Food

Last but not least the food. All 26 different country has their own way to represent their food and some of them are world finest. People travel from far away just to try different food from different territory.

Education system in Schengen Area

As most of the Schengen countries are part of EU. They have to follow and maintain the EU quality of standard for their education system. Rest assure no matter which country student decide to study they will get the best education EU has to offer.

Some the top rated and top ranked university are in the Schengen area. If fact most of the educational institute within the Schengen area are more or less some of the best in the world.

Prospective student can study from school to PHD level at any country in the Schengen area. And despite the tuition fees and living cost can very country to country student will get the best education no matter whichever country they decided to study.

Top Reason to Study in Schengen Countries

A Wealth of Educational Institutions to choose From

Hundreds of top rated university from 26 country to choose from. There is no lack of good university no matter what country or city or courses student decided to study.

Affordable Education

Comparing to USA, UK or Canada the tuition fees and living cost is much lower in most of the Schengen country make is more affordable for student.

Quality of Education & Life

Needless to say the quality of education as well as quality of life is much better in Schengen country’s than some of the less developed country in the world. Making it an ideal destination for students to continue their higher education in Schengen country.

World-Wide Reputation for Academic Excellence

As already seen, Schengen universities are very serious about the quality of education they offer. Overall, Schengen countries boasts some of the strongest education systems in the entire world.

Rich Culture, Compelling History, and Incomparable Academic Heritage

Schengen countries have a rich history, dating back a number of centuries. Some of the world’s most important and far-reaching events took place in Schengen. In fact, a number of ideas, theories, and concepts had their genesis in this ‘cradle of Western civilization


Highly Focused On Innovation, Research & Technology

Availability of Part-Time Job Opportunities

Many Schengen countries allow international students to work part-time while studying, as long as they meet certain conditions.

Multiple Opportunities for Language Learning

Although English is widely spoken in Europe, there are more than 20 other languages that an international student can choose to learn, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

Opportunities to Travel

By travelling, students can learn new life skills, become more confident and open-minded and even enhance their university learning experience. 

Excellent Career Preparation

European degrees are respected by employers the world over. Studying in Schengen countries does not just provide students with a world-class education. It also prepares them for a mobile, geography-agnostic global career.

Student Schengen Visa – Traveling to Europe for Study Purposes

A Student Schengen Visa is an entry permit to the Schengen Zone, granted to third-country nationals wishing to enter and remain for short-stays in any of the member states, under the purpose of studying.

This visa permits its holder to remain in the Schengen territory for a maximum of 3 months. If student’s study or training course lasts longer than that, they should apply for a Long-Stay Study Visa at the embassy of the respective country.

Only the nationals coming from third countries that have not signed a visa-free agreement with the Schengen Area member states are in need of a Student Schengen Visa.

List of Universities on Schengen Zone Students Can Apply

Final words

Overall, Schengen countries have a number of universities that earn consistently high scores on employability rankings. According to the 2018 Global University Employability Ranking published by Times Higher Education, these include the University of Technical University of Munich (Germany), ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and HEC Paris (France).

So, if anyone considering studying abroad, Schengen country is a haven for endless possibilities and choices. Offering quality, world-class education, state-of-the-art facilities and multiple opportunities for personal learning and development, Schengen country’s universities are among the best in the world.