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Turkey – At a Glance

Largest City:Istanbul
Major Cities:Istanbul
National Language:Turkish
Ethnic Group:Turks Kurds Arabs
Area (KM):783356
Population (Million):83m
Density (Per KM):105
GDP (Billion Doller):813
Currency:Turkish Lira
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):3

In recent years study in Turkey become a highly viable option for students who wish to study in an overseas country. Due to their high economic and political advantage and highly improved and ranked universities, students all over the world are showing increasing interested to study in Turkey.

About Turkey

Turkey or Republic of Turkey is located in western Asia with a smaller part of it is in Europe. The largest city Istanbul is in Europe wile Ankara is the capital. A large number of country has its border with Turkey including Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Majority of country’s population identify as Turkish but 15-20 percent of the population also known as Kurds.

Turkey is known for its diverse, friendly population. With its mountainous and beautiful natural heritage it is one the most visited country in the world. As a part of Europe it also has access to all European facilities including tread deals and financial benefits. Turkey is one of the biggest supplier country in Europe due to its low production cost and high quality.  

Top Reason to Live in Turkey

The Weather

Turkey’s weather is glorious. The southern coast enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, with long, hot and dry summers and short, wet winters. There’s not really much to dislike about Turkish weather. However, some people do find it too hot in the months of July and August. During these months in some places the temperature can soar to temperatures over 35 degrees. Locals prefer to stay inside during peak hours. Turkish homes are built with high temperatures in mind and homes are built with natural windows and terraces to make the most of the Turkish sunshine.

The Food

Turkey is home of array of colorful fruits and vegetables. The maze cafes and the tempting aromas issuing the street vendors and restaurants. The markets full of locally produced pastries and honey. Turkish food is fresh, cheap and generally very healthy. Studies have shown than those on a Mediterranean diet live longer and enjoy greater health. Which is a good thing. 

The Healthcare

Turkey’s medical facilities are gradually becoming known as some of the best in the world. A strong economy has allowed for a comprehensive medical infrastructure to develop in the last 20 years. Hospitals are modern and even the smaller centers have the specialist equipment that are only found in large cities. 

Great Outdoor

Few Countries are so diverse as Turkey. And few countries have the kind of climate to allow for outdoor pursuits all year round.  Turkey’s leisure facilities include sailing, climbing, skiing, rafting, hiking and swimming. 

The History

A lot of people know about the ancient city of Ephesus, which is one the seven modern wonders of the world, But what many don’t know is that Turkey is literally scattered with ghistory and ruins with which anyone can get up close and personal. Wander around the ancient ruins of Patara, a once greet Lycian city, at Patara Beach.

The cost of living

Despite a global rise in the cost of living, Turkey’s living costs remain low. People can still expect to pay US$5 for a meal for two at a cheap meatball place. Local drink flows like water at $2 per pint. Fruit and vegetable are cheap too.

Turkish Education System

Comparing to US, UK or Canada; Turkey is relatively newer higher study market in the world. However in recent years Turkey has made major breakthrough in international market. There are about 30,000 international students studying Turkey. It is be becoming one of the most attractive destination for students for their higher study and internship.

There are about 170 higher educational institution in Turkey, 95 of them are state universities and rest are private. To promote Turkish universities and colleges around the world Turkish Universities Promotion Agency or TUPA was founded in 2010. It was founded to promote Study in Turkey to international students through its internet portal. 

Top Reason to Study in Turkey

Quality Higher Education Opportunities

Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2% schooling rate. Turkey involved in European Higher Education Area is implementing the Bologna Process in a perfect way; our Bologna report is 5 out of 5. So, the diploma students receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries! As course credit system, ECTS is applied in accordance with Europe and all students are given Diploma Supplement. In addition, Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the exchange programs under Erasmus +. In addition to Erasmus, there are many exchange programs in Turkey, such as Mevlana, Farabi, which support the mobility of students and lecturers.

University and Program Diversity

There are 206 universities in Turkey with a population of 82 Million. The number of students is close to 8 million. With this number of students, Turkey is the first country with the most students in European Higher Education Area. There are a total of 58,092 different programs at 206 universities. In such a variety, students will definitely find a university and program for them self.

Multicultural Life

Turkey, which has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations in its territory for thousands of years, is almost a mosaic of cultures! In this country where countless civilizations have been hosted, everyone is tolerant and respectful to each other. Turkey, where students can find a piece of their roots and perhaps can meet people who speak their language is ideal for students with its safe and peaceful environment.

Natural Beauties

Turkey, which experiences four seasons, has a reputation for its natural beauties all over the world. Students can enjoy swimming and water sports in the seas that surround Turkey, students can ski in many cities in the mountains, students can enjoy rafting in the rivers and experience many extreme sports. Students will feel as in the heaven in Turkey where countless beauties which shall only fascinate students with their landscape!

Historical and Cultural Heritage

Based on a long history, there are thousands of historical and cultural monuments in Turkey, many of which are protected as UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Even in their daily life, students will want to keep track of the traces students may encounter frequently!

Student Friendly

With at least one university in every city, Turkey is exactly a student-friendly country! Social clubs, sports teams and cultural events at every university bring together students and make distant geographies close. When students arrive in Turkey students will understand that the most active points of the city are the places where students socialize! Thanks to the cafes, restaurants and libraries where the students hang out, the cities live 24 hours a day.

Hospitable Turkish People

The hospitality of Turkish people has been legendary all over the world! As a student, if students ask for help, people will do their utmost with all sincerity and friendliness. Turks will welcome students as guests and have many treats to satisfy students. Be sure students won’t be miss their home here!

Modern Technological Campuses

No matter which one of the 206 universities students go, students will experience a modern and convenient campus life, equipped with the latest technology.

Easy Living Conditions

Life in Turkey is more affordable than most countries. Students can meet their needs, such as accommodation, food and drink, and entertainment at affordable prices. Students can stay at the dormitories within or near the University campuses, or rent a house for a reasonable lease. In addition, whichever transportation students choose as a student, students will receive a ticket at a discounted price, or watch the movie in the cinema at cheaper. Turkey is also an easy to reach country because it is in the middle Asia and Europe continents. Whichever way students choose to discover Turkey, which hosts countless places of attraction, students can arrive where students want quickly and comfortably.

Turkish Learning Opportunities

Several programs in Universities in Turkey are in English. Besides students can also learn Turkish, the 5th most spoken language in the world! Students can get a chance to learn a new language in Turkish courses that their University will offer students, and students can be friends with people from many different cultures.

Requirement to Study in Turkey

If any student is interested to study in Turkey, they need to fulfill some requirements. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are popular in Turkey. Most of the institutions in Turkey ask for a minimum mark of 60% for direct entrance to both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

For lack of the above-mentioned marks, Turkey institutions are offering international students to study in Diploma/ certificate programs/ Postgraduate Diploma. 

Scholarships In Turkey

The Turkey government offers scholarships to study in Turkey. So international students can apply and study in Turkey. If you are an international student, the scholarships are always available. The scholarship is both for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The students who have completed the graduation, they can apply for master’s scholarships in Turkey. Students from Bangladesh choose Turkey to study because of the best quality. If they get the scholarship, the study cost in Turkey gets lesser.

Many students study in Turkey from Bangladesh with a scholarship. The students can apply for Ph.D. programs. If the students have an excellent academic result, they can apply for Ph.D. scholarships in Turkey.

Final words

As a peaceful country and with vast improvement on higher education in every conceivable way it is a matter of time Turkey become a world leader in providing education equal to USA or UK. Student who wish to study in Turkey will have a prestigious degree from a top rated university thus will have a successful professional career.

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